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Freely offer 8 surgical masks to every secondment staff

(16 February, 2020)

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About Us

About Us

The Market
Information Technology (IT) has come a long way in a very short space of time. The IT job market is fast-changing, however, IT recruitment skills and career aspirations are sometimes not fully understood by those outside the industry. IT pay levels have shot up rapidly and often deviated from the general corporate pay structure, making hiring decisions all the more difficult for human resources practitioners. Electronic Data Processing (EDP) and Management Information System (MIS) first appeared on the corporate organization chart more than three decades ago and it has taken time for decision makers to get used to this newcomer. InfoTech has played a key role in this process, helping to introduce quality EDP or MIS staff to the right organization at the right time. Today, decision makers treasure InfoTech's ability to help them acquire and utilize IT talents and strengthen the industry as a whole.
InfoTech is one of the longest established and largest IT executive search and staff services companies in Hong Kong. We experienced sustained sales and profit growth even during the difficult years after the burst of dot-com bubble. The need for InfoTech's services increases as our society is more focused on innovation and technologies. It is believed that about half of the IT population in Hong Kong has been served by InfoTech no matter as job seekers, placed candidates, contract staff or employers. InfoTech has an extensive client base that includes established users, vendors and the Government.
InfoTech, headquarters in Hong Kong, is one of the city's first registered employment agencies. We entered the Electronic Data Processing (EDP) recruitment job market in 1989 when IT staff turnover was high due to the shortage of staff supply. InfoTech quickly established a reputation as a cost-effective and reliable source of IT talents. Jobseekers trust InfoTech and know that InfoTech's recruiters understand their needs, speak their language and help develop their career. The use of contract staff or secondment services was rare in the early 1990s. The introduction of these services helped address difficulties of IT recruitment, allowing companies to tackle high staff turnover and relieve payroll upon the completion of projects. InfoTech spearheaded IT contract staff services on a limited scale with various commercial establishments as supplement to permanent staff placement. By the time InfoTech was awarded the Tender for the Provision of IT Contract Staff Services to the Hong Kong Government in 1994, it already had an established significant pool of contract staff in the commercial sector. InfoTech has been providing IT contract staff services to various government bureaux and departments for more than two decades. Contract staff services fit seamlessly in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) strategies of clients. Many IT vacancies in the job market these days are contractual by nature, while most contract positions are by and large employed under the payroll and headcount of the staffing provider. InfoTech has become the market leader in this rapidly growing sector in Hong Kong.
Brand Values
InfoTech is a dynamic and effective ICT search firm that employers can trust. InfoTech delivers more and better ICT talents to employers who know that the registered trademark - InfoTech means quality staffing service. ICT job seekers likewise trust InfoTech and they know that is willing to listen, help plan and cultivate their career. ICT professionals have grown up with InfoTech over the past three decades, many playing both roles as jobseekers and employers. While ICT management provides the best possible ICT solutions to our knowledge-based and innovative society, InfoTech endeavours to provide the best possible ICT staffing services to the ICT management.
Things you didn't know about InfoTech
InfoTech and its affiliates supplied about 500 IT contract staff for a single project with Hewlett-Packard in 2000 and 2001, which became a Hong Kong record of IT secondment staff number for a single client.
In 2004, IBM ranked InfoTech number one among all IBM China/Hong Kong Limited appointed staff services core suppliers in Hong Kong.
Mr Edmond Wong was awarded the InfoTech Contract Staff of the Year in 2004 for his "speedy and professional support in the setting up of the Blackberry wireless service" for the then Hong Kong Chief Executive.
In 2006, InfoTech was awarded the acclaimed status as a 'Business Superbrand' in Hong Kong by the worldwide independent arbiter - Superbrands International.
In 2008, InfoTech was among the first wholly owned foreign enterprises being awarded the human resources services license by the Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.
In 2010, InfoTech was awarded as one of Hong Kong's Most Valuable Companies (HKMVC) by Mediazone Group of Publications.
In 2011, sixteen InfoTech full-time contract staff were awarded trophies for more than 10 years' continuous service. Another three were awarded for more than 15 years' continuous service. It is believed that they have set a Hong Kong record of IT secondment staff long service history.
In 2012, InfoTech is awarded as a Green Employer by the Inland Revenue Department, the Government of the HKSAR, in the appreciation of our support for the Department's e-Services and a green environment.
In 2013, InfoTech was invited to participate in the Working Party of the Manpower Survey Report - IT Sector of the Vocational Training Council.
In 2014, InfoTech pledged our recognition and support for the Certified Professional of IT (CPIT) credentials during the corporate visit of Hong Kong IT Professional Certification (HKITPC) to InfoTech.
In 2015, InfoTech was awarded as a Happy Company by the Promotion of Happiness Index Foundation and Hong Kong Productivity Council.
In 2016, we started introducing InfoTech Job Market Driven Scholarships to Computer Science or related disciplines major first degree graduates for Hong Kong Polytechnic University and City University of Hong Kong. InfoTech continued to award scholarships to top graduates from 2017 onwards.
In 2017, InfoTech was the tenth time being awarded as a Caring Company by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service.
In 2019, InfoTech was awarded the acclaimed status as the Most Reputed IT and Human Resource Services in Hong Kong's Most Outstanding Business (HKMOB) Award 2019 by the leading online media firm - CorpHub.
In 2020, The HKSAR is fighting againist the novel coronavirus. InfoTech resorted to all means to source, procure masks and freely distribute up to 8 pieces of 3-ply surgical masks in one lot to every of our serving secondment colleague on 17 February 2020 and the weeks afterwards.