Refer Your Friend Incentive
You refer your family member, relative, friend or colleague to InfoTech successfully for a job, you may get HKD1,000 to 2,000 shopping voucher as referral incentive !

How does it work...

  • You, as a referer, introduce your family member, relative, friend or colleague, as a referee, for a successful job placement or employment of InfoTech.
  • The referer should have obtained the consent of the referee for the introduction to InfoTech before the submission of the required information below.
  • The referee is not an existing candidate in InfoTech's database or has not been connected by InfoTech staff in the past 18 months.
  • For successful permanent staff placement to a third-party employer of InfoTech, the referee has reported duty and continued to work with the relevant employer i) beyond the confirmation as a permanent staff after the probation period of the relevant employer; and ii) after the guarantee period offered by InfoTech to the relevant employer. The referer is entitled to HKD3,000 shopping voucher as referral incentive.
  • For successful contract staff / secondment engagement by InfoTech, the referee has completed at least 6 months' service period with a third-party client. The referer is entitled to HKD1,000 to 2,000 shopping voucher as referral incentive, subject to the level of seniority of the referee.
  • The referral incentive will only be given once for the same referee. The referer will not be entitled to further referral incentive in the event that the same referee is placed by InfoTech to another third-party employer again or the contract of employment of the referee is extended, renewed or resumed.
  • Referral incentive is only valid in Hong Kong, it is not valid in any other location.
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You should understand that the information submitted directly to this web site or indirectly by other forms of applications or referrals to InfoTech will be collected by InfoTech for recruitment, job matching, selection or other related staff services purposes. You should read InfoTech's Disclaimer and Personal Data Collection Statement now.